Scarborough Faire 2011

Well, I only got to make it to Scarborough Faire once during this season. I’m grateful that I was able to make it even once this year. My gallery is finally posted at: Scarborough Faire 2011 – closing Sat.

I will be at Texas Renaissance Festival for opening weekend Oct 8-9! Looking forward to catching up with friends and trying a couple of things out. If you see me wandering around the lanes, flag me down and say “Hi!”

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Dancers: Tips on a studio photoshoot by Sarah Skinner

While clicking around on the web trying to avoid doing “real work” 😉 I tripped across the work of Sarah Skinner. She’s a belly dancer, belly dance instructor, and a photographer as well. She lives in the New York area and knows both sides of the camera – being in front of it as the subject as well as being the shooter behind it.

Working with dancers, tips…

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The need for (high ISO) speed…

Angela Nations

Angela Nations performing with Raqs Helwa
Canon 40D - 1/60sec @ f/2.8, ISO 1600

Usually when I’m shooting belly dance, I’m working in very low light. Apparently people who light stages think the absence of light creates ambiance.  Or perhaps they just have better eyes than me. 😉   Also I generally am not allowed to use flash – which is fine with me.

So how do I maximize the possibility of capturing the moment when there’s barely enough light on the moving subject to even permit autofocus to work?

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Watch your background…

Lady Kat - final select

I have a tendency to wander around faire looking for a subject to shoot.  Then when I spot a subject, I’ll bring the camera up and fire!

One of the things that I’ve learned (and sometimes even remember 😉 ) to do is to see what is behind the subject.  The background can make a huge difference in the quality of the image.

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Blog purpose

I shoot at renaissance festivals and belly dance events around Texas.  As time has gone on it occurs to me that others might find some of the stuff I do useful in their own shooting.

So this is to serve that purpose as well as a place where I can catalog findings so I can remember them!  It’s amazing how many times I need to be reminded of tips/techniques that I already learned the hard way, but I forget and have to re-learn that they are still valid. 🙂

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