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I’m a photographer who loves photographing renaissance festivals and dance. They are great communities and I enjoy capturing some of those moments and being able to share them with the community. My day job is in IT at The University of Texas at Austin, wrangling the virtual infrastructure – working with VMware vSphere, vCenter Operations, SRM, Cisco Nexus 1000v, and consuming as many SAN resources as I can get. :-)

Disappearing Landmarks: Starship Pegasus – Italy, Tx

Disappearing Landmarks: Starship Pegasus – Italy, Tx While driving to Scarborough Renaissance Festival this year, I noticed that one of my roadside landmarks was missing. I was accustomed to seeing a cool, funky building – the Starship Pegasus – off … Continue reading

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OKRF Coinage

The Coin of the Realm. If you want to get a more realistic experience of what it was like to have a pouch of coins on your belt for all your daily monetary transactions, you can experience it at the … Continue reading

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PhotoOp: Gas Station – Jarrell, Tx

Wonderful discoveries can occur when you wander off your usual path. A couple of weekends ago when coming back from Scarborough Renaissance Festival I was low on gas and exited at Jarrell, Tx to refill. Upon exiting, I tripped across … Continue reading

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Checklists – Yes – Checklists!

What?  A post about checklists?  Are you bored or something? No – well, maybe – but mostly no. Checklists can really save your proverbial bacon (there’s a proverb about bacon? – hmmm, nevermind). So I’ve got multiple checklists that I … Continue reading

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Photographing Sherwood Forest Summer Camp 2015

Sherwood put out the call to a number of renaissance festival photographers to come and assist in photographing the Sherwood Forest Summer Camp.  I was able to take a few days off work to help out. The summer camp attendance … Continue reading

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Subject placement in portrait close-ups

I’m currently reading the 1995 reprint of John Alton’s 1949 book Painting with Light. One of the passages that struck me was how he described the placement of the subject in his chapter on The Hollywood Close-Up. “Generally, leave more … Continue reading

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Is your Vision blinding you?

A recent comment by a friend reminded me of how easy it is to be photographically blind to what we’re really seeing in front of us.   In particular, years ago I was photographing the Austin Belly Dance Convention in … Continue reading

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