Sherwood Forest Faire updates

Sherwood Forest Faire - Robin & MarionI was over at Sherwood Forest Faire today – volunteer workday.   Helping clean up the grounds prior to the upcoming Summer Camp that they are holding July 8-13.

Grounds are in pretty good shape.  Still losing trees, but thankfully at a slower rate than last year – which was really bad – lots of trees just couldn’t handle the drought.  Hauling, mowing, general grounds cleanup.

Eric showed a photo of the collectable coin they’re going to have for 2013.  Pretty cool.  I’ve got a complete set so far.  He also showed a couple of designs – either for the mug or a pen, maybe both.  Anyway, well done artwork.

The falconer is out there setting up for the summer camp as well as some of the vendors working on their booths.

Weather worked out pretty well, mostly overcast early on.  But no rain so work was able to be accomplished.  I bailed around 2:30pm, wish I could have stayed for the potluck this evening, but I had stuff to continue working on back here.   Hopefully I can stay late next time. 🙂

About vstrick

I’m a photographer who loves photographing renaissance festivals and dance. They are great communities and I enjoy capturing some of those moments and being able to share them with the community. My day job is in IT at The University of Texas at Austin, wrangling the virtual infrastructure – working with VMware vSphere, vCenter Operations, SRM, Cisco Nexus 1000v, and consuming as many SAN resources as I can get. :-)
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